Thermal printing



Thermal printing  is one of the up-to-date and cost-efficient methods of applying a logo or any other image on various marketing/advertising materials such as T-shirts, reglans, blazers and wind jackets. An image is applied by means of a vinyl film (smooth surface) or flock (velvety surface).

Under the impact of high temperature of the printing press the image is fused into the fabric becoming its integral part. Such an image may stand multiple washing remaining clear and bright.

Our equipment allows us decorating with images  blazers, caps and sleeves with the help of a special hat press.

In our work we use high-quality materials by  Siser ( of Italian origin. 

We accept single-piece orders. 

To calculate the cost of your thermal printing order we need:

Your logo in any graphic program, exact sizes of it, colours of films, type of a garment/fabric, which the logo will be printed on, quantity and expected time of production.

After that we agree on the logo specimen, price and production time.

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