Ornaments embroidery (cross stitch and satin stitch)

Today cross stitch embroidery on clothing becomes more and more popular, traditional vyshyvanki are again in fashion. A T-shirt or a blouse with a traditional Ukrainian ornament will be an amazing gift to your friends and foreign guests. Household fabrics decorated with embroidered Ukrainian ornaments never went out of date. Computer cross stitch embroidery  helps to perform quality embroidery of traditional Ukrainian ornaments on towels and blouses promptly. And when such embroidery is made with cotton threads, it will look nothing different from hand embroidery.

We will be glad to accept your order for embroidering towels for decoration or traditional rituals. We have a wide collection of ornaments specially designed for computer embroidery. To order embroidery just choose an ornament from our collection or provide us with the scheme of cross stitch embroidery of your choice.

Ornaments embroidery

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