Computer embroidery

Computer embroidery is one of modern and popular methods of applying images, logos, ornaments   on any fabric or ready-made garment. Clothes with a company’s logo embroidered became an element of corporate culture of businesses. T-shirts and traditional blouses with Ukrainian ornaments are amazing gifts to your friends and foreign guests. Especially since embroidered blouses are again in fashion.

Computer embroidery allows applying images to large batches of products, and making exclusive embroidery on a towel, T-shirt, baseball cap or elsewhere.

As compared with other methods of applying images to fabric, embroidery has a number of advantages:

  • High wearing qualities (on condition of using high-quality materials for embroidery);
  • Resistance to washing at high temperature (on condition of using high-quality materials for embroidery);
  • 3D;
  • Expensive look;
  • Bright colours;

Our enterprises exists since 2002 and specializes in rendering computer embroidery services. Our enterprise boasts  having a state-of-the-art production facilities, quality software, vast experience allowing us produce large batches in short terms in a quality manner.

We fulfill computer embroidery orders on any materials: leather, knitted fabric, veiling without any limitations as regards the complexity of design.

Stages of fulfilling embroidery orders.

To calculate the cost of your embroidery order we need your image in any graphic format, exact sizes of it and number of copies. This is a preliminary stage of calculation.

After cost approval, you will have to provide us with your logo or image in vector format. Our designer  will prepare a software program for your embroidery and a specimen for your approval. The cost of producing a specimen will depend on the complexity of design. If you don’t have your image in a vector format, but just a raster image, then the cost of producing a specimen will be little higher, as this makes the process of making a template for embroidery more complicated.

After your approval of a specimen we will fulfill your embroidery order. Production time will depend on the total work load of the enterprise and will be calculated for each order separately.

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